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Dallas Hail Storm Scare

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Fence Repair & Replacement

Hail storm may also have done some damages to your fences and it needs immediate attention to keep the integrity of its structure.  Typically this is covered by your home insurance.

Wood Fence Restoration.

After a strong thunderstorm and hail you will notice those marks left by the storm on your wood fences.  Worst case you will have broken poles, blown away picket sections, or some fence section just waving like its saying goodbye to the rest of its group.

MC4 Roofing & General Contractor can help you restore or even replace those wooden fences and bring back the natural beauty of your home.  We can reset those poles, replace it with metal poles, pressure wash the pickets to have them ready for a new coat of wood staining.

We can maintain your fence. Let us show you how.

Repairs or restoration on existing wood fence, contact MC4 Roofing & General Contractor!